How to Make YouTube Tutorial Videos

If you are wondering how to make YouTube tutorial videos, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll go through the process from creating a storyboard to editing the video. Before you start editing your video, I recommend writing a script or outline. This will help you avoid mistakes that you’ll likely need to edit out. The following are some tips that will help you create a great video.

Create a storyboard

When you’re making a video for a larger audience, it’s important to create a storyboard to help you shape the overall direction of your video. A storyboard can help you spot problems before they become costly to fix once you’ve started production. Moreover, it can help you visualize how the video will look before you shoot it. A storyboard is especially helpful if you’re working on a complex project involving multiple stakeholders.

Edit your video

Creating your own YouTube tutorial videos requires a few basic editing skills. You need to know how to record the screen and then edit, title and save the video. To edit, you need to use an editing program with basic features, including a text editor and effects. You can also include overlay features to show a video’s content on the screen. Here are some tips on how to make your tutorials look professional.

Create a thumbnail

Using the YouTube uploader, you can create a YouTube thumbnail that will attract potential viewers to your video. You can upload your video in JPEG or PNG format, and you can also customize the quality of your thumbnail if you want to. It is highly recommended that you upload your thumbnail with high-quality settings to ensure that your video appears at the top of search results. Here are some tips for creating an attractive thumbnail for YouTube.

Write a script

Before writing a script, it’s important to determine the purpose of your video. You’ll want to include an opening question or primer section that tells viewers what they’ll learn in the video. The body of the video will contain the main content. The closing part should give viewers your social media handles or tease your next video. In addition, your script should be well-organized, ideally divided into four parts.

Use animations

You can use animations to create an engaging video for your YouTube channel. The animations in your video should clearly indicate what the viewer should do after watching the video. Animated call-to-action buttons can tell viewers what to do after watching the video. There are 500+ free special video effects to choose from. Once you’ve created your animated movie, you can add a voiceover to your video. Here’s how to create an engaging video.

Create a “branded” background

If you’d like to create a branded thumbnail, it’s essential to be consistent. This helps your audience understand the concept of your videos, while at the same time showing your branding. You can achieve this consistency by following the same design style for each of your videos. You can learn from your competitors and their thumbnails to improve your own. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create a thumbnail that is consistent and attractive.

Record narration

You’ve already created a great YouTube tutorial video. But how do you record narration? First, you’ll need to have a well-written script. It’s best to create your script ahead of time, so you know exactly what to say when. Also, keep in mind that you’ll want to include some visuals in your tutorial video, so make sure that your video’s script includes those. In addition, record narration during quiet periods, so you won’t be disturbed by background noise.

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