Making a Paper Crane Easy Tutorial

If you’re a beginner in the art of origami, the easiest way to learn how to make a paper crane is to find a tutorial on the internet. These articles will teach you the basics, step-by-step directions, and symbolism of the crane. Then, you can move on to learn how to make your own crane. Here’s a quick tutorial:

Making a paper crane

In this making a paper crane easy tutorial, I will show you how to fold your crane. First, you’ll need to fold your paper in half, so that it resembles the shape of a crane’s head and crown. Then, fold in the wings. You’ll have a beautiful paper crane in no time. You can give it away or hang it as a decoration. To make it even more spectacular, you can decorate it with a little glue.

The first step in making a paper crane is to fold the paper in half diagonally. Make sure the edges line up and that they are all aligned. Next, fold the bottom half in half, making a diamond-shaped shape. When you’ve folded the bottom half in half, unfold it, and repeat steps 5-6 to make a diamond-shaped crane. Finally, you’ll need to fold the top half in half, again parallel to the last two layers.

Basic origami folds

The basic origami folds to make a small paper crane are the same for making a large one. The body of the crane should be folded in half, the head should be at the right side, and the tail should be on the left side. Fold the right flap inside and downward, making a crane’s head. Once you have completed the head, fold the wings downward and crease them.

Next, you should fold the top corner of the paper into an ‘X’ shape. The outer corners should mirror the diamond shape under it. Fold the right-side corner inwards. Repeat the process with the left-side corner. The two folds should meet at the centre line. Once this is done, you’re ready to make the body of the crane. You’ve just finished the basic origami folds to make a paper crane.


A paper crane is a symbolic object. It is made to represent special moments and is typically given to loved ones or left in special places. Michael enjoys carrying his paper crane around with him while traveling. He usually writes his intentions on the inside of the paper before folding it. Symbolic meanings vary depending on the meaning of the crane. There are many ways to make a paper crane. If you are unsure about the proper technique, you can watch the video tutorial below.

The word “Origami” means “paper” in Japanese. It is an ancient art form in which people create shapes and designs out of paper using only their hands. It is the most traditional of all Japanese origami figures. The crane is considered an auspicious symbol in Japanese culture. A legend says that a person who folds a thousand paper cranes will achieve his or her heart’s desire.


The steps to make a paper crane are easy to follow, but if you’ve never made one before, this step-by-step tutorial is a must-have for any beginner. The basic structure of a crane is simple: you simply fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise and use the other half to create the wings. After you’ve folded the pieces in half, unfold them and you should have a diamond-shaped crane.

Before you begin folding, purchase some origami paper at a craft store. To ensure that you’re not wasting any of your origami paper, cut a square of computer paper to practice on. You can start by folding the paper in half diagonally and then the other way. The colored side of the paper should be facing down. Continue folding until the entire piece is finished. Repeat the steps until you’ve folded all four layers.

Bird base

This easy tutorial shows you how to create a bird base for your paper crane. To make this simple bird base, you will simply fold the paper over, like you would to fold a kite. Fold the bottom corner inwards, forming an ‘X’ shape. Fold the top layer up, mirroring the crease from the bottom. Fold the left-side corner into the middle, and repeat the process with the right-side corner. Now, you have a finished bird base!

To make the base of your paper crane, start by folding the bottom corner of the square into the center, which will form the square base for your bird. Open the upper flap and do a petal fold. When the petal fold is complete, your paper crane is ready to be attached to its base! Once you are satisfied with the bird’s base, you can assemble it. You can use the remaining paper to create the bird’s wings.

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